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Dependable Mold Remediation Service

You may only think about mold once you detect musty odors or see visible patches in your O’Fallon home or business. Whether you have spots developing or feel like an issue lurks somewhere, hiring a professional team for mold remediation is best. Many property owners experienced failed DIY cleanup events that worsened the problem. 

Facts About Mold and Mildew Everyone Should Know

Several things could be improved about microbial growth and how it develops. RCC Restoration not only works to clean your commercial or residential interior, but we are also happy to educate you on some of the basics of mold, such as:

  • Mildew and mold are terms often used interchangeably. However, mildew is a variety of mold that leaves powdery residues.
  • As a living microbe, mold spores surround us indoors and outside.
  • For this fungus to colonize, it must have an organic food source/host material and moisture.
  • Microbial growth can develop on various surfaces and within carpeting, fabrics, insulation, and under wallpaper.

It would be best to remain safe until our professional mold remediation technicians arrive at your property for inspection and cleaning. Please remember:

  • All inhabitants and pets should stay out of suspected areas. 
  • Turn off your HVAC system and fans to inhibit spores from moving into other areas of your home or business.
  • Do not spray, touch, or disturb the spores.

You Can Trust RCC Restoration’s Mold Cleanup Process

Dealing with fungi can be challenging, which is why you need someone trained to use specialized techniques to generate safe, efficient results. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and strict safety guidelines. Once we arrive, you can count on us to:

  • Install containment barriers and negative pressure systems to keep microscopic spores from traveling into unaffected areas of your home. 
  • Setting up advanced HEPA filtration air scrubbers to pull particulates from the air.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces using EPA-registered cleaning agents and antimicrobials.
  • Performing contents cleaning and repair/reconstruction of unsalvageable materials, as needed.

We Never Leave Any Areas Left Unaddressed

In instances where you have a colony growing within an enclosed space, we may use abrasive measures to clean the area. We have media blasting equipment that works to abrade surfaces, with one example being dry ice pellets. The pellets help by freezing the spores and keeping them from becoming airborne. We also have soda blasting, where the product helps eliminate any musty odors in the area. No matter the cause of your O’Fallon mold problem or the extent of it, RCC Restoration has the techniques and training to ensure you get safe, efficient results. Once you call us, we will set a crew in motion to begin the remediation process as soon as possible.

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Your Maryville Home Has Mold – Call Now

RCC Can Help with Fast Mold Remediation 

Most homeowners have seen mold at one point in their lives, but it is not something anyone wants to see forming in their residence. There are many factors to consider with developing microbial colonies, ranging from the potential health effects to the destruction of the hosting materials supporting the spreading organisms. RCC Restoration understands how to contain mold damage and remediate colonies to get your home back to normal.

Our Inspection Services 

Mold damage in Maryvilee homes and businesses can be challenging to detect initially. While you might suspect that environmental conditions favor microbial growth, you might not know its existence fully without professional inspection services. We can confirm the presence of developing mold damage, or if none exists, help you to overcome the moist or damp conditions that could result in future colonization.

Mold Remediation and Removal 

We confirmed mold exists in your home, and now comes the ever-important removal phase. Using sophisticated devices, powerful cleaning products, and industry-leading remediation equipment, we can manage rapidly worsening mold growth scenarios and regulate future threats. We have trusted mold remediation strategies, which include:

  • Cleaning – Surface cleaning is the least invasive and, thereby, the most desired approach for mold remediation. We can eliminate newly developing colonies and organisms by using potent antimicrobial products that can destroy spores on contact. Surface cleaning lacks efficiency and strength as mold spreads and infiltrates sensitive materials.
  • Abrasives – Using media blasting and sandblasting techniques, we can destroy surface organisms beginning to spread into the hosting materials. The advantage of abrasive cleaning is that, in many cases, it is possible to preserve the material impacted.
  • Repairs – As a final measure of removing mold-infested materials, we can offer controlled demolition and discarding services. We are careful in the handling and removal of these contaminated building elements to avoid cross-contamination and transference.

Repairs are good for more than removing where mold has compromised the property. Our contracting experience is also valuable to focus on reconstruction to manage the root cause of the moisture and water damage that led to mold. For example, a damp bathroom benefits from sufficient ventilation fans to help relieve steam buildup fueling microbial development.

From our hometown communities in Illinois like Edwardsville, Troy, O’Fallon, and Maryville, RCC Restoration are a trusted name for managing mold removal and remediation services. You can reach our experienced, licensed professionals 24/7 by calling (618) 406-5121.

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