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Tips to Avoid Wind Storm Damage Reconstruction for Troy Homes

Owning a home highly susceptible to wind damage is a serious matter that cannot be ignored. It puts you and your family at significant physical and financial risk. Therefore, you must take proactive steps to prevent wind damage from occurring. To help you out, here are some assertive tips that you can follow to avoid wind damage to your home.

Begin By Acknowledging Concerns

As leading specialists in storm damage reconstruction in Troy and beyond, RCC Restoration is a one-stop shop for recovery and repair solutions following natural disasters and extreme weather. Ideally, you want to stop this problem before it gets to the point of needing our expertise to help rebuild and restore.

It is important to note that wind alone may not significantly threaten your home. However, it can cause severe damage by blowing debris, such as rotting trees, branches, or gravel, into the side of your house. Removing any surrounding debris from the area is crucial to prevent such damage. Although removing trees from your property may require time and money, neglecting to do so may put your home at risk and result in more significant problems in the future.

Think Reinforcement to Protect the Property

  • Glass and Windows 

Consider adding storm shutters to your home’s windows for increased durability and protection against wind-borne debris. You can also opt for shatter-resistant film or high-impact glass for added safeguarding.

  • Doors and Gates

 To prevent damage caused by wind pressure, reinforce your doors with a heavy-duty deadbolt, stronger hinge attachments, and slide bolts.

  • The Home’s Roof

Prepare your roof for high winds, fortify it, and care for any loose shingles. You may also opt for impact-resistant shingles. Repair specialists like RCCR can help through this process. 

How Can RCC Restoration Help? 

You do not always need hail, heavy snowfall, ice, or torrential rainfall to severely compromise your home’s exterior defenses. Extensive damage can occur to your roof, windows, and other structural elements with extreme wind conditions. We are here to help you in every way that you need, including:

  • Board-Up Services
  • Repairs
  • Remodeling
  • New Construction
  • Water Damage Cleanup

As leading storm damage reconstruction professionals in our service area, we understand the severe impact wind can have on your home. We have a team of emergency responders waiting 24/7 to mobilize when disasters strike. Call now at (618) 406-5121.