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The Focus of Fire Damage Mitigation for O’Fallon Homes

Each fire is unique, and the combination of water, fire, and smoke damage can make the remediation process quite challenging. That’s why RCC Restoration cleanup services take a personalized approach to every job, tailoring their efforts to the specific needs of each situation. Our team will work with you every step of the way to get your property back to its pre-fire state as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To create a safe and stable environment during fire damage mitigation in O’Fallon properties, RCC Restoration professionals must work quickly to counteract hazardous fire effects and keep the situation from worsening. There are critical focal points for the mitigation team when arriving at fire-damaged structures:

  • We first focus on determining the level of harm to the structure and what actions should be prioritized in the restoration process.
  • Using containment methods, we stop unnecessary traffic to affected areas to reduce cross-contamination and more extensive work areas.
  • We take direct action against standing water and moisture left behind from extinguishment efforts that could weaken structural materials.
  • We use surface cleaning and abrasive methods to manage the presence of soot in house rooms before these harmful particulates cause more significant issues.

Scoping the Work to Do

Our skilled RCC Restoration team knows the importance of a clear and thorough damage assessment. We know that missing even a damaged area can lead to costly issues, such as hidden water damage in a hardwood floor or fire-damaged support joists. We use multiple discovery and data collection tools ranging from moisture sensors to thermal imagery to fully track compromised structural elements to address the house’s problems.

Keeping Traffic from the Work Areas

Water and fire are two of the most common causes of damage to homes and personal items. Water can absorb into the walls and floors, leading to mold and structural damage. On the other hand, fire can destroy a home and everything in it in minutes. That is why we take every precaution to protect you and your property. We ensure that compromised areas are adequately secured and sectioned off from the rest of your home. Not only does this protect your property, but it also ensures your safety by keeping you away from any potential hazards.

Overcoming Post-Fire Water Damage

After extinguishment efforts, water can be all over various regions of your house. It will be pooled in points, absorbed into porous materials, and hidden in structural cavities. RCC Restoration professionals must meticulously evaluate where water damage is and actively dry up this damage to keep fire damage threats from creating secondary concerns like mold growth or structural integrity issues.As challenging and overwhelming as a fire might seem in your home, having the proper restoration and recovery professionals at your side can make all the difference. From the first steps taken to reduce the severity of the situation, RCC Restoration is ready to help. We are a phone call away to get experienced, empathetic, and trusted mitigation solutions. Call us at (618) 406-5121.