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Helping Maryville Homes with Storm Damage Reconstruction

Tornadoes are one of the most terrifying natural phenomena that can wreak havoc on everything in their way. Even homes in Maryville that are miles away from the tornado’s direct path can still suffer significant harm from the severe storm that generates it. While there’s no way to completely protect your home from a tornado, knowing the most common ways that a tornado can damage your property can help you better prepare for when the storm hits.

The Damage That a Tornado Can Do

As leading restoration professionals in our area, we provide solutions for recovery and storm damage reconstruction in Maryville promptly following storms. Over the past 60 years, this region has seen heavy snowfall, blizzards, hail, and windstorms – but few situations are as rapidly threatening as tornadoes. These disasters impact a home in several ways:

  • The Roof Takes the Lion’s Share

Tornados are incredibly powerful and can even lift the roof off of buildings. As of 1995, new residences in hurricane zones must have the roof strapped to the walls and foundation to protect against high winds. You can use this same strategy to protect against tornadoes. Damage to your roof can also welcome direct rain and hail infiltration from this newly exposed opening.

  • Broken Windows Around the Property

Closing shutters over the outside of your windows and doors is recommended once a tornado warning is issued, as it helps prevent the glass from shattering. This shuttering also helps create more barriers between you and the storm, minimizing damage to the windows.

  • Removal of the House’s Siding

Your home’s siding can face a lot of damage due to strong winds, debris, and even hail. This intense condition can lead to chipped or discolored paint, cracked or dented vinyl siding, holes in stucco, and significant damage to brick walls.

Help After the Storm

When authorities issue a tornado warning, the bottom line is to focus on safety. Remember, saving your and your family’s lives is more important than preserving your home. If you need more tips to protect your home before the next disaster or to schedule cleanup services following a storm, please contact RCC Restoration. We are here to help restore your home and restore your life. We are ready 24/7 for emergency services, repairs, mitigation, and recovery solutions at (618) 406-5121.