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Homeowners may not treat mold damage with the same urgency as water or fire events, but it can have just as much of an impact on your property. RCC Restoration is a trusted name in the industry, featuring skilled technicians who understand the best way to assess and treat active mold damage. Once you contact us for mold remediation services, we get started as soon as possible to address the threat and work to help you prevent a reoccurrence.

Why Choose RCC Restoration for Mold Testing & Remediation?

Inspection: Before commencing the remediation process, our team of IICRC-certified technicians conducts a thorough inspection and assessment of your property's condition. We meticulously examine surface mold and identify the underlying cause of the issue. This enables us to proactively halt the progression of microbial growth and material deterioration. Our dedicated efforts extend to uncovering and eliminating concealed pockets of moisture within wall systems, ceilings, flooring, and other delicate areas.

Odor Removal: At RCC Restoration, effective deodorization and odor control form integral aspects of all mold-related projects. When dealing with microbial growth, properties often develop a potent, musty odor due to active colonies feeding on organic substances. Instead of merely masking odors with sprays or powders, we employ robust HEPA filtration air scrubbers to target airborne particles. Additionally, we utilize thermal fogging and UV cleaners to neutralize odors, ensuring that pleasant fragrances replace them without leaving behind any masking agents.

Surface Cleansing: Utilizing potent antimicrobial solutions and sporicidal products, we swiftly eliminate mold organisms from surfaces.

Sanding: Following the removal of surface materials like drywall, we address compromised wood framework and other structural elements. Our skilled technicians employ sanding techniques to remove the outermost layer, safeguarding structural integrity and eliminating the necessity for demolition.

Contents Restoration: Our comprehensive suite of cleaning services extends to the restoration of personal belongings, offering a cost-effective solution. Depending on the nature of the materials and their susceptibility, we adeptly employ dry or wet cleaning methods to cater to diverse content restoration needs.

Abrasive Blasting: Equipped with various abrasive media options, such as crushed walnut shells and sodium bicarbonate, we effectively dislodge spores using pressurized water or air, ensuring a thorough cleansing process.

Controlled Demolition: As a final recourse, when mold necessitates the removal of host materials, we execute a meticulous approach. This involves the careful removal of materials while simultaneously preventing the contamination of adjacent construction elements.

Highly Trained Experts

Our Mold Remediation Process

Count on RCC Restoration's skilled technicians whenever mold remediation is needed. With our expertise, training, and industry knowledge, we ensure a seamless project. We are your dependable allies in eradicating mold growth and restoring your interior to its pre-damaged state.

The first crucial step in addressing mold is to identify and resolve the underlying water issue that led to its growth. Mold spores flourish in damp environments, and without eliminating the moisture source, the mold is likely to reappear. Thus, effectively tackling mold requires resolving the water problem.
For any damp or porous surfaces harboring mold, removal is necessary. Depending on the mold's extent, this might involve the removal of materials such as drywall, carpets, or insulation. Our certified technicians meticulously pack all affected materials in bags and remove them to prevent spores from spreading to other areas.
Repair & Remodel
The decision to replace materials hinges on the level of microbial growth. Our technicians thoroughly evaluate drywall, carpets, and other building materials to determine whether they can be salvaged. If needed, we proceed with controlled demolition to replace these items with new materials.

Act Now & Don’t Wait For Mold Damage To Worsen

When it comes to mold damage, a faster response can mean less damage. Our support is available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.